Wow Committee

CHA Wow Committee

Wow committee

At College of Hospitality Administration we have student committees, these committees play a crucial role in enhancing the overall student experience and facilitating various aspects of campus life.

Under these committees students at CHA work on planning and execution of hospitality events, student welfare, academic, cultural, sports, environmental, public relations, community service & technology etc.

Student committees you will find in CHA:

Felicity wow Committtee

CHA wow committee work towards the ultimate objective of facility management to create appropriate expression of customary elegance by designing all types of events and discussing & discovering new approaches in room division management. Pre and post operation task management are the keyword of the committee which is always an assurance towards guest satisfaction in the entire hospitality industry.

Ambrosia Wow Committtee

CHA wow committee’s ultimate goal is to respect every cuisine of the world. The word “ambrosia” means “food of god” which creates an ideology for developing a passion in the future chefs. The wow committee training for “ambrosia” gives the opportunity to transmit to the learners about all the techniques and knowledge enhancing their know-how of not only the modern culinary upliftment but the traditional methodology of the world cuisine.

Academics Wow Committtee

CHA wow committee prudentially designed it’s operating rpocedures to educate the budding participants considering their multi diversified maturation of gaining and sharing knowledge. The modules prepared are not only based upon their core interest but the other co-related opportunities as well. The committee trust that an academically sound professional will surely become an asset for the upcoming generations in the future.

Dignity Wow Committtee

CHA wow committee’s collection of excellence assembles a disciplined typology considering all social as well as professional aspects which help the students to become uniformed, organized and controlled toward personal, professional and social benefits. The ideology of the committee is to create an auspicious personality in every future hospitality professional which will not only develop the sense of self-respect but will also develop a well-mannered civilized sense of responsibility.

Infintity Wow Committtee

CHA wow committee understands the importance of different dining cultures of the world and with this motivation the committee always works towards to draw every sense of cultural know-how in the young professional ‘s mind-set. The committee also look forward to design every new possible dining methodology with all the traditional social orientation. Every dining culture has an old traditional impact, so the committee also train the learners about every minute of different catering techniques and all the scientific justifications as the fundamental knowledge.