CHA Institute has a state-of-art campus with best in class academic infrastructure. High-tech facilities, Wi-Fi campus & air-conditioned class rooms & Labs.

Well-equipped library equipped with the latest books and management journals from around the world. Exquisite kitchens i.e. Basic Training Kitchen, Quantity Food Kitchen, Advanced Training Kitchen along with bakery set up. The best equipment’s, spacious class rooms with LCD projectors for presentations. Fully furnished 2 set ups of restaurants with different themes. Housekeeping lab, IDS Software equipped Front Office Lab and Guest Room.

Students who study here are truly fortunate to experience world class teaching facilities and thereby get a great education.

Food Production Lab

One of the major aspects for hotel industry is food, as it is a true reflection of hospitality. Our food production lab is well equipped & designed in order to put in together good. Advanced training to students making them efficient food makers of the industry.

Food & Beverage Services

Restaurants are the key to hotel industry. A good restaurant attracts its major clients only if the seating arrangements are magnificently premeditated. A 48-cover restaurant is equipped particularly to impart the practical knowledge of restaurant service and bar. Which is must for any person receiving technical knowledge of the industry.

House - Keeping Lab

One of the major areas in the hotel is accommodation operation. It is basically the lodging and housing that one looks far away from home. It contains training in guest rooms. In depth study of interior decoration of the guest room is also part of accommodation operation.

Front office Lab

Front office is the main reception area and the students are trained to deal with various operations of the same. The proper courtesy and etiquettes are must for the front office. People along with the knowledge of various major spoken languages and customers through the world.